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is the most natural impulse upon sight of the gorgeous green mountain ranges surrounding us. There are many different options, destinations and grades of difficulty, all beginning at our entrance gate. All hikes are safe, but longer or more complicated hikes require the company of a guide.
We always love exploring new routes, so by the time you are here there might be new ones.

  • hikingA SHORT AND EASY 15 min walk leads you to the local shop/bar. Don Abraham with his biblical age owns and operates the typical countryside tienda (shop). The rustic shop, the owner´s heart-warming appearance and the charming customers, old school farmers and cowboys from the neighbourhood, retain a history about to be extinct. Stop in for a drink, enjoy the view while having a chat with the locals, then walk on for a bit until you feel like wandering back.
  • 30 min. up the hill is a tiny village called LOS CEDROS. Visit it’s chapel and be amongst the first few foreigners to have found your way up into this hidden-away village where time moves a couple of decades slower. It’s a good place to experience the village life while having a refreshment at one of the little shops. Turn right at the junction here to go for the hike explained below.
  • For a 2-HR-LOOP continue your walk from Los Cedros (turn right at the junction) and find yourself amidst the ever-green mountains, view coffee and banana plantations and the huge valley below you . Keep hiking until you feel like returning the same way or keep going to the next village called El Chocho, basically a few houses at the next junction. Start descending here the steep hill to Los Alticos, another gathering of houses – landmark here is a soccerfield. Continue downhill to Don Abrahams store, rest and enjoy yourself and the atmosphere before returning back to La Finca.
  • Another possibility from Los Cedros is touring POLEAL on top of the mountains visible from La Finca to your right. Experience surprisingly changing climate zones in 4-hrs uphill through scenic nature and enjoy the laid-back little town on top. Walk back down or make use of the public transportation on weekends executed by the traditional chiva.
  • From Poleal keep going to SAN PEDRO, perched high above the rolling hills,  with views of green valleys and mountains – you might find yourself reminded of the Swiss alps. Enjoy an afternoon in the refreshing coolness of this town with it´s stunning church. It can also be visited by public transportation (on weekends only). Return hiking, biking or with the chiva in the afternoon. This hike is a full day tour and is best done with a combination of hiking and public transportation and needs to be started early.
  • 6h COLONIAL VILLAGE HIKE from Los Cedros to 2 amazing viewpoints down to Sopetrán on to the famous Puente del Occidente ending in the UNESCO worldheritage site and former capital of Antioquia Santa Fé (parts of the trip are recommended to be done with public or private transportation).

The hikes can be done by independently or guided. If you would like to go by yourselves, please ask for detailed instructions, maps and our phone numbers.


These towns can be explored hiking, biking or by public or private transportation in half or full-day trips. Check out the hiking options above and ask us about transportation possibilities.

SANTA FE DE ANTIOQUIA greets it´s visitors with it´s blazing heat, best taken in on one of it´s  beautiful plazas while having a typical Colombian meal and a cold drink in one of the many restaurants or bars. It is an unforgettable experience to spend a few hours here strolling through the streets, the stores, the souvenir market on the main plaza or one of the museums on history and religious art. the three colonial townsAlso check out the annual festivals such as the celebrations for Semana Santa and the Antioquia Film Festival in December. Another reason to spend an afternoon here is the famous “Puente del Occidente”, one of the first suspension bridges in the world, which is only a 15-min moto-taxi ride away.

 is very popular with weekend tourists for the laidback atmosphere and hot climate who either enjoy the main plaza or one of the many fincas surrounding the town.

SOPETRAN seems to be the most traditional of the three towns mentioned here. Find the main plaza and buy a fresh coconut or any other fruit as the town is famous for it´s fruit. Then carry on to the Puente del Occidente and marvel at the grand fincas along the road!


bike the hikesBiking in this area is a great experience. Most of the hiking routes can be done by bike, downhill is very quick and exciting, but keep in mind that the steep hills on the way back up might be a bit more difficult. As for now we have two basic bikes for rent (5.000COP / 3USD per hour, 20.000COP / 11USD).


badmittonSet up the badminton net on the lawn or start a tournament in the pool!

Equipment includs net, 4 rackets, ball.

Deposit 40.000.


waterfall1 2016After a short walk downhill crossing a meadow, you will find a picturesque variety of waterfalls, basins and rock formations carved out by the river – relax completely and become one with nature. Let the falling water massage you, bask in the freshness or on the sun heated rocks. A bit further down the stream is a magnificent water and sunbathing spot overlooking the forest and the creek. This place is made for you to enjoy the perfect picnic. Depending on peoples’ pace, this excursion normally takes around 2 – 3h and is guided. (10.000COP, Minimum 2 persons).


waterparkOne of Colombia’s most entertaining WATER PARKS is near La Finca. ”Parque Los Tamarindos” offers everything a good water-park needs – a slow river, multiple pools including a wave-pool, vast chill out zones and, of course, 4 exciting water-slides. It´s the best way to become a child again. This trip normally takes most of the day but can be combined with hiking or biking or visiting nearby Santa Fe or San Jerónimo.

At the time of writing the entry fee per person is 14.600.

Transportation can be organized; prices depend on group sizes (e.g. 25.000 for up to 3 persons).


fruit and veggieTake the fruit & veggie booklet for a walk through the garden and look for the various fruit and vegetables and find out more about the fun facts and beneficial qualities about them.


yogaYoga mats are available for free, choose your spot to exercise and meditate and ask us for Yoga and meditation classes which can be arranged.