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Waterfall La Finca

After a short walk downhill crossing a meadow, you will find a picturesque variety of waterfalls, basins and rock formations carved out by the river – relax completely and become one with nature. Let the falling water massage you, bask in the freshness or on the sun heated rocks. A bit further down the stream is a magnificent water and sunbathing spot overlooking the forest and the creek. This place is made for you to enjoy the perfect picnic. Depending on peoples’ pace, this excursion normally takes around 2 – 3h.

Waterfall La Gaviota

About 2km from the hostal you’ll find this beautiful well hidden waterfall.

Waterfall La Piedra Liza

Less than 2km from the hostel is beautiful waterfall where you’ll find local kids using the natural rock waterslide into the pond.