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Hostal La Finca

Vereda Quimbayo, San Jeronimo, Antioquia, Colombia

(+57) 4-8602570


Cellphone (0057) 310-533-0200

Telephone (0057) 8602570

Where are we

Vereda Quimbayo, San Jerónimo (between Medellín and Santa Fé de Antioquia), Colombia


How to get here



The whole way can be done with public transportation, private transportation or a combination.

The most economic way would be around 35.000/pp.

The most comfortable way would be 350.000/transportation for up to 4 people.



From the AIRPORT, outside the arrival area, take either:

  • A COMBUS for 9.500 COP/person, ask for the one that takes you to SAN DIEGO. Buses leave when they’re full which usually happens quickly. Take a taxi to the TERMINAL DEL NORTE (around 20 min, 10.000 COP).
  • A TAXI for 70.000 COP/taxi. Tell the taxi driver to go to the TERMINAL DEL NORTE
  • A COLECTIVO (shared taxi) for around 15.000 COP/person. It Will drop you of at SAN DIEGO. Take a taxi to the TERMINAL DEL NORTE (around 20 min, 10.000 COP).

All of the above take about 50 min into Medellin and about 20 min to the terminal del norte.


From MEDELLIN, TERMINAL DEL NORTE (northern bus terminal)

  • Take a bus to SAN JERONIMÓ, lower floor, companies are called Gomez Hernandez and Sotrauraba, cost is between 8.000-14.000 COP (depends on the type of bus), it takes about 45 min.

Tell the bus driver to let you get off the bus in SAN JERONIMO to make sure you don’t miss the stop. Keep an eye out for the yellow sign of the EXITO supermarket and the TEXACO gas station.



There is the éxito supermarket at the entrance of the town and plenty of stores in the city centre (Parque Central) to get your shopping done before you come to La Finca.

You can take any tuktuk (25.000/30.000) or motorbike (12.000) you find around the exito or in town. It takes about 30 min. The prices might be slightly higher after dark (around 6 PM).

Public transportation leaves from the CALLE DE COMERCIO, about 10 min walk from the exito. Theres a big chiva bus and various jeeps for 3.500/4.000 pp. They leave mostly between 11 AM and 2 PM, there’s a loose schedule. Best is to go there and ask for a “carro para Los Cedros o Los Alticos” If the car goes to Los Cedros, it’ll drop you off right at our gate, if it goes to Los Alticos, get off at “La Fonda de Don Abraham”, take a left there and walk 1 km/about 15 min. Beware: it’s uphill and steep.


If you´re arriving from the south of Colombia, you´ll arrive at the

Terminal del Sur” – southern bus terminal and need to get to the northern bus terminal.

Take a bus or taxi to the “TERMINAL DEL NORTE”, both are outside the terminal, follow the signs with the buses or taxis and ask for the “terminal del norte”.


These public means of transportation are definitely the cheapest way to get here – they might be slow, a bit uncomfortable and sometimes unreliable but always a great way to experience a little piece of the daily life of the locals.