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We are in the process of going greener every day. What does that mean? Being conscious of how to use resources, best possible ways of reducing, reusing, separating and recycling trash, using non-chemical fertilizers and local permaculture techniques in the garden, producing food (fruit, veggies, eggs, chicken) for ourselves and our restaurant service, using different wholesome preserving techniques to make things last, conserving water… We encourage you to help us, especially with the trash – reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle. If you have more ideas concerning this part, please feel free to share them with us.

Read more about our current steps:

  • We switched our commercial cleaning products to a product line based on anaerobe bacteria. It removes dirt, bad bacteria, neutralizes odors and leaves everything squeaking clean from the kitchen and floors to bedrooms and laundry. Ask for products & prices – we sell the following products for your personal needs:

–  Multipurpose cleaner / laundry detergent, unscented/scented in different sizes
– Liquid soap to be used for hair- and bodycare with various scentspremacultura

  • Our garden and septic tank are/will be treated with the same kind of bacteria. What does it do there? It neutralizes odors,
    e.g. from the chicken coop after rainfalls, the compost, the septic tank and even the dog; it neutralizes spoilt soil if overly sour or otherwise polluted, it fertilizes plants and removes bad bacteria and other pests.
  • Our pool will soon be kept clean & green by using a mix of anaerobe bacteria and activated carbon filters.
  • We were very blessed to have a permaculture student doing his first permaculture design (out of ten for his master program) here. He made a complete plan of the finca and the entire garden suggesting possible changes and improvements to live by the guidelines permaculture offers. Some of the projects are carried out already others are waiting for the right time, materials, people and resources to be executed.
  • Check out our book exchange for information on EM (effective microorganisms) and other gardening books to learn more about possibilities for small scale farming and other related subjects.
  • Take a look around on the property and find furniture and other objects built of only or mainly recycled materials like wood, metal and glass and plastic bottles.